Art statment

I create because I don't know any other way to live. I have an unquenchable need to give, as though I were a sponge: first I absorb water and then fully squeeze it out. I have a filter which transforms water into an elixir of life. Sometimes I feel that my human soul has unknown, other-worldly genes. Mixing human love and experience, and earthly beauty with other-worldly sparks, I create art. Sometimes I have a vision of worlds where space is perceived differently. I become obsessed with this vision. I cannot sleep or eat. I have different moods like fresh, nostalgic or sad. I need to create what I see. Sometimes I have an idea or thought which I want to deliver to the viewer, and I decipher it in images that allow a sense of my idea to gradually discover itself through its unique aesthetic beauty. 

I also express my ideas through paintings in which I create an elusive but very alive and trembling spirit or soul which produces associations in the viewer's eye. I intend the images from my paintings to penetrate softly into the viewer's human soul, below the levels of conscious understanding. I hope that my art will bring love, joy, sincerity and compassion. To paint this kind of art, music helps. In fact, I am a genuine music lover; for me, music functions as if it were resonating through the air to bring me a flow of chi energy. I wake people to life on such a level of harmony. Above all, I encourage them to express themselves through art and beauty."